Production in a 100% natural way... raw materials, inputs and packaging from Croatian producers!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Exceptional in taste, very healthy vinegar of mild intensity. In our factory, Apple Cider Vinegar is produced in a traditional way that has not changed for 60 years, on wooden Frings generators. It is excellent as an addition to salads and as a marinade in the preparation of various dishes. Apple Cider Vinegar is indispensable in every household. The apples used in the Virovitica Vinegar Factory are of top quality and guarantee full flavor and a pleasant aroma.

White Vinegar

It is produced by fermentation of pure ethyl alcohol. The special quality of this vinegar is contributed by the production of Frings generators in which it is poured over beech shavings, which gives it a soft taste and removes the harshness that is present in other alcoholic vinegar. Food preparation in the household must be accompanied by the use of this, the most widespread vinegar.

Wine Vinegar

The Wine Vinegar of the Virovitica Vinegar Factory is produced from quality wines of renowned producers. The natural production process is guarantee of the domestic quality of this vinegar with an extremely light taste and pleasant smell. Top culinary masters use it as a marinade for wild animal dishes and a wide variety of dressings and salads.

Black Aromatic Vinegar „Kvasina“

„Kvasina“ is an extremely valued, aromatic vinegar, produced from the highest quality, as a rule, varietal red wines, which it can “thank” for its ruby-like color. Consuming „Kvasina“ every day, in a dose of one cup, has a great effect on the cardiovascular system and accelerates the breakdown of fats by more than 10%.